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Terms of purchase



We kindly ask  customers / users (hereinafter: customers, users, registered users) on the website shop.dicta.hr to read the Terms and conditions of purchase.

By making a purchase or registering on the website shop.dicta.hr customers / users are unconditionally accepting the Terms and conditons of purchase.

Privacy statement and Collection and use of personal Information

Only necessary, basic customer / user data is collected. We will store your personal data, which you provide voluntarily, in our records. All data is strictly kept and is available only to employees for business purposes. Pursuant to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14, 110/15) Art. 11, Dicta d.o.o. does not transfer customer / user data to third parties without the prior explicit written consent of the customer / user, unless it is obliged to do so by law or a decision of the competent authority.

The data collected is not used for marketing campaigns. All employees of Dicta d.o.o. and business partners are responsible for respecting the principles of privacy.

We use the necessary data exclusively for the purpose of processing the order, offer and delivery of goods. By registering on our website and / or purchasing / accepting the Terms and conditions of purchase, you give your consent to the processing of your data for the stated purposes. The user agrees that Dicta d.o.o. may address him in writing, by telephone or by e-mail. The user has the right to request the correction, amendment or supplementation of inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date data at any time.

We undertake that the data will not be shared with third parties.

How we protect confidential data

Dicta d.o.o. uses WspayForm to authorize credit cards. Data transfer is ensured using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol with 128 bit data encryption.

Credit card information pages do not store the information entered, nor may credit card information be stored in databases.


Dicta d.o.o. assumes no responsibility for any omissions or errors on this website. Also, we do not take responsibility for the occasional non-functioning of the site and its parts.

Dicta d.o.o. reserves the right to modify, supplement or remove any part of this website at any time. The changes take effect upon publishing on this website.

In the event of a technical error that could affect the displayed price, description or availability of the ordered product, the Service Provider reserves the right not to deliver the ordered product and will notify the customer as soon as possible. If the customer has paid in advance for the ordered product, the amount paid will be refunded within four working days.

Dicta d.o.o. makes every effort to keep the information on the online store pages up to date and accurate. Dicta d.o.o. cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of all displayed product information. In exceptional cases, discrepancies between the actual data and the data available on this website are possible. Likewise, product photos do not always correspond to products that are actually available and should only be understood as an informative image. Product photos are for descriptive purposes only, and do not always and in every detail match the products that are actually available. Due to individual adjustment of your monitor display and colour capabilities, differences in the perception of product color by the human eye, etc, we can not guarantee complete compliance of the colors of our products with the colors as you see them on your monitor. For any additional information please contact the Sales and Customer Support Department. We are not responsible for incorrect descriptions and images, additional product information is visible on the manufacturer's website. We guarantee the delivery of products under the specified catalog number - manufacturer's reference. In the event of an error, we will replace the incorrectly delivered product with a correct one or make a refund.

Terms of purchase

This website contains information about the products offered by Dicta d.o.o., and serves as an electronic point of sale of the company.

The terms of purchase determine the manner of using the online store and relate to customer registration, order, payment, delivery, and return policy.

The customer can be any adult and legally capable person. Minors, partially or completely legally incapacitated persons may order items only with the consent of their legal representative.

Customer registration and order as a guest

In order to make a purchase, it is necessary to register on shop.dicta.hr or place an order as a GUEST user, without the necessary registration. In both cases, when creating an order, the user is obliged to accept these Terms and conditions of purchase if he wants to finalize the order, or buy through shop.dicta.hr.+

In order to speed up the purchase, we recommend that you register in shop.dicta.hr before making a purchase and creating a shopping cart. After filling in the registration form with the necessary, accurate and true information, you will receive an e-mail with further instructions. When filling out the registration form, you need to enter your chosen password. Please keep your password safe from third parties.

Dicta d.o.o. reserves the right not to deliver goods based on orders with incomplete and / or inaccurate information.

Order and product prices

Please add the selected product to the cart by clicking on "Add to cart". When you want to finalize your purchase, click on "View Cart". Once you have verified that the contents of the cart match what you wanted to order, click "Order". After clicking on "Order", a page will open where you need to check and confirm information about the delivery address, billing address, payment method. By clicking on "Confirm order", your order is finalized.

If after making an order you change your mind for any reason and want to cancel it, please, with no delay, cancel the order in writing via the CONTACT FORM with the obligatory indication of the WEB order number you want to cancel and your data.

You can also place an order through the Sales and Customer Support Department:

• tel: +385 51 215-255, +385 51 339-335
• Fax: +385 51 214-816.

Sales and Customer Support Department open on: Monday - Friday: 08 - 16 h.

All prices in shop.dicta.hr are expressed in Euros, and include VAT of 25%.

 Discounts on several bases do not add up.

In case of a special price or sale, the discount is calculated on the regular price. The final price for the customer is visible in the field Special price or Reduced price in case of sale, and the discount applies to all means of payment.

The discounts shown are informative only. We reserve the right to change the discounts in total or in part.

If the ordered product is currently not or will no longer be available, we will notify you via the e-mail address you provided when registering or creating the order.

If, due to an error or oversight, the price published on shop.dicta.hr is incorrect or has changed in the meantime, we reserve the right to change. Dicta d.o.o. reserves the right to inform the user about the change of the price, and to request a confirmation or cancellation of the order from the user.

Dicta d.o.o. undertakes to deliver all ordered and paid products that are available in stock at the time of delivery. In case delivery is not possible, Dicta d.o.o. will contact the customer and arrange a new delivery time, replacement product or order cancellation, while other available products will be delivered. In case of impossibility of delivery of the ordered and paid product Dicta d.o.o. will make a refund.

Payment methods

Current payment methods on shop.dicta.hr are:

• Payment via bank account - general payment / bank transfer at the post office, bank or internet banking. If you make a payment via bank account, we send the goods when the payment is visible in our account. After we receive your order and check if the ordered products are available in our stock, we will send you an offer / pro forma invoice with all the necessary payment details.

• Card payment - credit and debit cards. We accept all major international credit cards including the following: American Express, Diners, MasterCard, Visa, and Maestro debit card. After making a payment by credit or debit card, we will check the availability of the ordered product, and confirm the authorization of the transaction in case of availability of the product. In case of inability to deliver, your card transaction will not be authorized, and payment will be canceled. A confirmation of the card transaction cancellation will be sent to your e-mail address.

• PayPal - You can pay by PayPal using the PayPal button in the cart screen.

Current methods of payment at our points of sale are: cash payment, all credit and debit cards. Possibility of payment in installments by American Express, Diners, Master and Maestro (Zagrebačka banka), Maestro Plus (Erste banka) and Visa Avenue Mall (Zagrebačka banka) from 2 to 12 installments with no interest. Possibility of purchasing through the Consumer Credit Agreement with the corresponding interest via American Express card (18-60 installments), American Express business card (3-24 installments), Diners (13-60 installments) and Master card (2-36 installments).

Delivery terms

All shipments are insured by Dicta d.o.o.

Delivery service will be provided by In Time d.o.o. and TNT. Please check their official web site for general terms and conditions

Delivery charges will vary depending on your delivery address.

The delivery service via the delivery service implies delivery to the customer's home address. In the event that delivery to the recipient's address is not possible, you will receive a notice with information regarding the manner and place of collection.

Delivery deadlines are up to 7 working days in the EU. Please note non-EU customers may have to pay custom duty and import tax.

For all orders / payments received on working days until 1 pm, delivery will be dispatched on the same day, and the delivery time depends on the general terms and conditions of the delivery service and the delivery address. For all orders / payments received on working days after 1 pm, delivery will be dispatched the next working day.

You will be able to track the status of your shipments at any time through the online shipment tracking system, by entering the number of your shipment that you will receive by e-mail.

Delivery of products is done only on working days from Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays are not considered working days.

All products are thoroughly inspected and delivered in good condition to the delivery service. Products are packed in a way to avoid any damage during normal transport.

When receiving the shipment, the user is obliged to inspect the shipment, report visible damage directly to the delivery service, as well as Dicta d.o.o., and refuse to accept the damaged shipment. By signing the delivery note and receiving the invoice, the user confirms that he / she inspected the product when receiving the shipment, and that there are no objections.

Complaints and returns policy

The products offered on shop.dicta.hr are covered by the warranty conditions of the importer - guarantor. The warranty conditions for the products, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations, have been determined by the importer - the guarantor and they are sent to customers as such by Dicta d.o.o.

Complaints are processed in accordance with the warranty conditions of the guarantor and applicable legal regulations.

The customer is obliged to send a written complaint - description of the defect and send the product to the address of the warranty provider - authorized service specified in the warranty card or to the following address: Dicta d.o.o, Trpimirova 2, 51000 Rijeka, and we will forward the product to the warranty provider - authorized service.

In order to exercise the right to a warranty, the customer is obliged to enclose a warranty certificate and the original invoice with the product. Returns must be properly packaged. All returns that are improperly packaged or those with visible mechanical damage in transport will not be accepted but will be returned to the sender at his expense.

In accordance with the Terms of Use of the Dicta web shop and the provisions of Art. 72 of the Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14, NN 110/15) / online purchase / customer may, without stating a reason, return the product within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product. The customer is obliged to notify the trader in writing of the termination of the contract - return of goods.

In accordance with the provisions of Art. 77 para. 3 of the Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14, NN 110/15) / online purchase / customer is obliged to return the products at his own expense to the address of the trader. Return should be agreed upon in advance.

The customer is obliged to return the unused product to the trader in the original packaging, with the original label, undamaged and in good condition, with all the original documentation - invoice, warranty card, declaration, instructions for use, and at his own expense to the following address: DICTA doo, Trpimirova 2, 51000 Rijeka, through any delivery / logistics service operating in the territory of the Republic of Croatia or in person.

The trader reserves the right to inspect the product and charge the customer in the event of damage, defects or irregularities on the product, the associated packaging, or accompanying documentation, and refuse to return the product.

In accordance with the provisions of Art. 76 para. 4 of the Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14, NN 110/15) / online purchase / if the customer exercises his right to return the product within the prescribed period from Art. 72 of the same Act, the trader will refund the purchase price using the same means of payment used by the buyer when paying.


By purchasing in the trader's business premises, through retail outlets - the buyer does not exercise the right to the possibility of product return and refund, regardless of the deadline, and in accordance with applicable legal regulations.

Filling consumer complaints

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 10, paragraph 1 of the Consumer Protection Act (NN41 / 14, 110/15), DICTA d.o.o. allows consumers to file a written complaint at their business premises.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 10, paragraph 2 of the Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14, 110/15), DICTA d.o.o. allows consumers to file a written complaint by mail to the following address:

DICTA d.o.o.
Trpimirova 2
51000 Rijeka

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 10, paragraph 5 of the Consumer Protection Act (NN 41/14, 110/15), DICTA d.o.o. will respond in writing to the consumer's complaint within 15 days from the date of receipt of the complaint.

Company information

DICTA d.o.o.
Address: Trpimirova 2, 51000 Rijeka
tel: +385 51 215 255, 339-335 fax: +385 51 214 816
Commercial Court in Rijeka, MBS 040026069

OIB: 17277283962

Bank account with Erste & Steiermarkische Bank d.d.

Account number: 2402006-1100044056
IBAN: HR7524020061100044056
Founding capital: HRK 100,000.00, paid in full

Members of the Management Board: Srđan Radosavac, Ranko Radosavac